“Master model to gain time in your classroom”

The project responds to the urgency for Europe:  to develop professional and pedagogic competences among teachers and trainers enhancing Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) uptake in teaching and learning, through the support of learning and access to open educational resources (OER) in the education and training fields with the aims to combining higher levels of excellence and attractiveness with increased opportunities for all.

The project wants to help the teachers to revising and strengthening the professional profile and improving the attainment of young people, particularly those at risk of early school leaving and with low basic skills, developing  a methodologic especially  focusing on the use of ICT.

During the meeting the project partners presented their organisations and explain what they know about the flipped methodology.

This will be achieved by planning, developing, testing a course in teaching methodology, based on the approach of “Flipped Classroom”. This method is based on the transformation of traditional classes in Creative Classrooms’ (CCR), namely in innovative learning environments that fully embed the potential of ICT to innovate learning and teaching practices in formal, non-formal and informal settings e per creare OAR.

“Flipped classroom”, follows a reversed teaching and learning model: learners watch lectures at home and use the classroom time to interact with classmates and teachers, especially through educational games in the classroom. The adoption of this teaching approach and methodology will help teachers to: 1)strengthen the e-skills and the adoption of practices of collaborative learning; 2)adopt an approach based on learning outcomes also suitable for low skilled learners; 3)assimilate a sensitive culture to the value of non-formal and informal learning, supported alternative for learners less interested in the academic world, as well as at-risk groups;  4)acquire the tools to stimulate creativity and innovation through the learning of new knowledge to create and manage Learning Games Lab.

Gain time project will develop a on line course about the follow areas:

  • Area 1: Creative classes
  • Area 2: Teachers-innovators
  • Area 3: Flipped methodology
  • Area 4: design of the Flipped lessons
  • Area 5: development of the didactic concepts of the FLIPPED
  • Area 6: Videos in the FLIPPED methodology
  • Area 7: Educational games and debriefing
  • Area 8: Digital Channels


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